Wedding Planners in Rajasthan

Rajasthan being our native place is a state close to heart for many culture loving people. There can be no other state as vivacious, vibrant and colourful as Rajasthan. People are still rooted to their cultures and thus want their wedding to be hosted in a culturally and traditionally rich state. We offer grand wedding services in two significant cities of Rajasthan:

Jaipur holds in it the fragrance of traditionalism and vivacity. Jaipur is the centre to host a royal wedding and etch it into the memories of hosts as well as guests forever. Jaipur has numerous historical palaces and royal themed hotels which turn out to be the best wedding destination for culture-loving people.

The city of lakes Udaipur is one of the prime choices of the would- be brides and grooms. Palace wedding and wedding under the scenic beauty of lakes attract most of the people to host their wedding in a culturally rich and lively city of Rajasthan. We offer extremely glorious and colourful wedding decorations and other essentials to make the wedding royal.