Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Bangalore wedding industry has been showing tremendous growth in past few days. Being technologically adept and trendy, Bangaloreans look for romantic as well as uniquely different wedding venues in the city and outside the city. Locations with lush valleys and exclusive cottages are becoming their favourite. To keep in pace with the experimenting people of Bangalore, we at The Event Affairs try our best to offer them exclusive wedding services.

Hyderabad is the city of Nawabs. Being a South Indian city, wedding in this region is a morning affair with rich culture and unique customs. Since most of the weddings in Hyderabad are from the Telugu people, the weddings are prone to be colourful, filled with grandeur and Royalty and moreover traditional. At The Event Affairs, we make sure we encash each opportunity in terms of morning flower decorations, south Indian cuisines and other custom based planning and host a perfect south Indian wedding.