Royal wedding has always been a dream to almost every bride and groom. The concept of getting wedded into a royal manner is actually born in Udaipur, as the Royal land of Rajasthan is one of the best places to plan a royal wedding at. Planning a wedding in a city with infamous grand cultural heritage of Rajasthan is a complete package of fun, grandeur and luxury at the same time. Rajasthan is a rich land surrounded with picturesque lakes, surreal land and forts that make it an unparalleled wedding destination. Rajasthan exhibits rainbow colours through its handicrafts, arts and crafts, fairs and festivals. Its affectionate hospitality, gracious welcome and folk music and dance styles add vivacity into the wedding affair.

Feeling no less than a prince and princess, the bride and groom exchange vows in the most affluent and royal manner at Rajasthan's royal wedding setup. Making the Royal wedding concept an easy and affordable affair is the sole aim of The Event Affairs. To make the wedding royal, we incorporate a wonderful selection of wedding venue, arrange for a luxurious accommodation and incredibly sumptuous Rajasthani cuisines and ensure that you witness the best Royal Wedding ever.

UDAIPUR: A Fairytale wedding destination

Udaipur, with its distinctive charm and scent of romanticism emerges as one of the finest wedding destinations of India. Being part of one of the most happening states of India- Rajasthan, it expresses the aroma of rooted Rajasthani culture through each element. Udaipur has always been the first choice for people looking at wedding affair with a royal perspective. Its historical importance and magnificent centuries-old monuments and buildings stand witness to the pious wedding rituals performed by people of different cultures and expressions.

Being situated in southern Rajasthan, Udaipur rests under Aravalli Mountains at a good height which makes it none less than a hill station. Surrounded with scenic beauty and lush green meadows, it is counted as one of the best wedding locations in India. The aesthetic beauty of Udaipur itself serves as the best wedding decoration and brings out the best when decorated by the innovative wedding essentials by The Event Affairs.