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About The Event Affairs

We believe, life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated. And celebrations require being charismatic and memorable. The Event Affairs- your partner in celebration is a big name in events industry which has bloomed from its parent company- Singhal Tent House. Singhal Tent House is one of the most renowned and respected name in Udaipur which aces in wedding industry since last 6 decades.

At The Event Affairs, we are deeply engaged into offering complete solutions for personalised event planning services that are truly exceptional and count lot more than expectations. Right from ideating the themes, looking after a mesmerizing décor and executing each thing into details to bringing out an aroma of perfection into the planning, we take care of every event related aspect- truly, madly and deeply.



Our mission-at-heart is to bring out aesthetically perfect event settings that put dreams to life. Once you speak up your expectations to us, we leave no stones unturned in turning out things your way. We dedicatedly plan every nitty-gritty of the event to make sure that every moment etches into your memory.


Taking forward the tradition of royal weddings and regal events and framing them into our conscious as famous folklores, we find ourselves on the glorious peak of perfect event management. We look forward to serve ambitious people of Udaipur as well as surrounding cities with fabulously catered event management services in the coming years.

Core Persons

    1. Founder

      Every innovative thought pops out of a mind that is youth enough to take up risk and mature enough to adhere on the taken decisions. The Event Affairs is an innovatively led concept which is born from the right mix of a youthful brain and a seasoned approach of the young entrepreneur- Prateek Singhal. Treasuring the insightful tips from his forefathers who have been brilliantly serving people with fresh and beautiful wedding decorations from a decade in the name of Singhal tent House, this young gentleman in his late twenties, set off on a creative journey called-The Event Affairs and transformed the traditional concept of wedding into a peppy attire.

      Deeply researching on the latest trends and ameliorations into the events industry, Prateek realised that the traditional concept of royal wedding has always been close to people's heart and thus he decided to adorn the wedding customs with contemporary, feasible and futuristic ideas that could give people an improved sense of luxury.

    1. Designing Head

      Ankita Singhal, the young and confident cake decorator has been a perfect companion to Prateek Singhal. She is involved into adorning an extensive range of party cakes and wedding cakes and has gained a respectable name in Udaipur with her enthusiastic efforts into the field. Having learnt Cake decoration art from renowned international cake artists, she has been supporting Prateek’s creative thoughts by contributing her artistry and finesses of cake decoration into making The Event Affairs a complete wedding service venture. Since almost a year now, she has been supporting the company with her creative ideas and concepts for events. The duo has been a perfect match who has been putting great efforts into fulfilling each others’ dreams and taking The Event Affairs on pinnacle of accomplishments.

In-House Decor and Production

At The Event Affairs, our services are not bound to just event management. We are much beyond this. We solely aim towards moving out of the traditional decoration practises and creating mesmerizing scenery out of our out-of-the-box and creative concepts and themes. We incorporate a plethora of decor elements into our creation and our production techniques focus on converting people's dream into reality. We put-in our efforts towards creation of a memorable aura which takes everyone to a fairyland visit.

For us, decor and production is not only about adorning or covering the venue with flowers. It is much more than that. To us, decor is related to bringing out an eye-pleasing and magical scenic beauty with the help of creative and artistic placement of different varieties embellishing elements. Production is taken to whole another level at The Event affairs, where every structure, every design is made possible to be executed.

Being one of the finest decorators of Udaipur, we specialise in adorning the event venues with unique and majestic designs and production services that take everyone's heart away. We provide an extensive service base covering decorations for wedding parties, themed parties- Birthday parties, Anniversary celebrations and corporate parties. We also offer flower decoration for wedding backdrops, engagement ceremonies and wedding Mandap.

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